St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel Access Form

St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel Access Form

The following form will serve as an agreement for code access to the St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel at St. John’s. Access to the chapel is a privilege and proper care should be taken seriously when using the space where Jesus is present. Please enter this space with respect, reverence and silence.

You are being provided the access code to the St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel with the following conditions:

1. Only allow someone that you are familiar with to enter the Adoration Chapel;

2. Do not give the access code to any other person and take reasonable precaution to keep it confidential. If you know of someone who would like to have the code, have them contact the parish office to fill out this form;

3. Please enter at reasonable times and with silence and reverence;

4. The code may be periodically changed without notice;

5. Please be aware of your own safety and the safety of the Chapel/Rectory/Parish Office property at all times;

6. Access to the Adoration Chapel is a privilege and can be revoked at any time by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church if the above guidelines are violated; and

7. The following represents your current information. If any of the information changes, please advise the Church.

+ By filling out the form below you agree to the above conditions.
+ Once form is processed by St. John’s office you will then be emailed access code. Thanks!
+ Access to the Chapel will be located off of Georgia Street through a coded door. If you need to use a restroom during your Adoration hour please utilize restrooms inside St. John’s Church (if the church is open).

Questions? Contact the St. John Parish Office: or 317.635.2021.